How to Shave Your Chest Without Getting Bumps & Irritation

How to Shave Your Chest

To shave or not to shave chest hair is a personal choice. It is an opinion that varies from one individual to another. Shaving chest hair may be rather tasking. If not done carefully, it may present poor results on the skin. You may not want to show off your chest on the beach with a roughly shaven chest. Further, skin bumps and irritation can keep you away from shaving your chest hair months on end.

There is a downside to keeping your chest hair too long. First on the list is increased body odor and also the body produces more heat. This would certainly make one very sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable. Moreover, if you are in the habit of working out your arms, chest and abs; chest hair can hide the muscle mass by displaying a less defined physique. So what is the best way to shave chest hair? Let us delve into the lesson that will get you a clean shave with no skin irritation.

The Best Way to Shave Your Chest

What you require

I assume that most of you reading this article have shaved before and know what is needed for the job. For the benefit of first-timers or if you want to confirm whether you have all you need for the exercise, then keep reading on. If my way is different from your way, and you want to try a way that is better than yours, this writes up is for you.
Running half-naked between the bathroom and your kitchen looking for ice cubes is awkward and frustrating to say the least. Getting the items together and having your act in one go makes it easy and time-saving.

Here is a list of items you will need.

  1. Safety Razor
  2. Body hair trimmer or scissors
  3. Moisturizing shaving gel
  4. Skin moisturizer
  5. Toner or ice cubes
  6. Shaving oil (optional)

Preparing to shave

Procedurally speaking, it should take about 10 to 15 minutes to shave your chest. This may vary depending on speed, or whether you choose to skip specific processes. Mastery of the entire process will save you time as well. First, you must trim the chest hair using the body hair trimmer or scissors. Trimming should be done to ensure that the razor does not clog up with mire of long hair. Should this happen, it will significantly reduce the efficiency of every single stroke of the razor. Strictly trim dry skin and dry hair, wet hair sticks to the chest and the trimmer too.

Body shavers have attachment combs that can help you determine the extent to which you can trim the hair. Various combs can achieve varying lengths of cut. If you decide to shave while standing, I suggest you step on a sheet of paper. This will help later when you are done, to effortlessly collect together the hair being cut. The paper does not have to be so big. About one square meter is good enough. Alternatively, you can do it in a dry bathtub basin.

Trimming can be done to a neat smooth shave; the advantage is you cannot suffer post-shaving irritation. If you have a small clump of chest hairs, skip to the next stage: take a warm shower. Warm shower aids in softening of the chest hair, opening skin pores, making it easier to shave the hair. Ensure the water is not scalding hot since it can irritate the skin, use warm and steamy water.

Apply a moisturizing shaving gel. Get a clear type of gel as opposed to one that is rich-lathering. Chest contours covered in the foam can hinder you visually to see what you are doing. Applying the gel also helps the razor to glide on the lubricated skin with ease. You can use shaving oil together with the shaving gel if your gel does not have a moisturizer.

How To Use Philips Body Groomer

Shaving the chest hair

Expose the razor to water and make it wet to avoid cuts and burn marks. Without applying a lot of pressure, shave the chest hair using short, gentle strokes. Keep off shaving over sensitive areas like a nipple; it is soft and can get cuts and nicks. Engage the other hand to help you cover the nipple while shaving around it. You can equally use the other side on fleshy areas to stretch your skin to achieve a plane surface that is easy to shave.

Rinse the razor often using high pressure, running water to dislodge hair build-up on the blade. You want to avoid having to do many strokes. They can cause razor burn and formation of some little, irritating rash on the skin. Make no more than two, long and smooth strokes in the general growth direction of your hair. Shaving against the grain has its pros and cons; you will get a smoother shave but with razor burn.

You can always reapply the shaving gel as deemed appropriate. If you really must do more than two strokes over an area, you can also reapply the gel. Ensure you have new razor blade to make fewer strokes and get a smooth, closer shave with less skin irritation. Once you are done, rinse off your chest with warm water and then rinse again with cold water to help the skin pores to close.


Using a clean, dry towel pat the skin dry. Rubbing your chest using the towel instead of patting will cause skin irritation. Use a facial toner or if you don’t have one, ice cubes will do. Toner will help fight post-shaving pimples and will also cleanse the skin pores. Apply a moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out. Avoid any further irritation and also reduce the chances of having bumps due to ingrown hairs.


  1. Apply extra care and attention when shaving areas around the nipple, collar bone and other curvy, fleshy areas. Use short strokes and take your time in such areas.
  2. Electric razor blades designed for male body shaving are available, you can invest in one.
  3. Ensure to purchase skincare products that are designed for use on men’s skin. Also buy what is compatible with your skin type to avoid skin irritation or any forms of allergic reactions.
  4. Some men have their chest hairs grow in multi-directional patterns. Adjusting the shaving blade to the most appropriate and relevant directions ensures you get a fresh, clean shave.
  5. Men who don’t use any bump control product should often exfoliate to help keep hair in an upward position for appropriate growth trajectory.

How to Use an Epilator (2020 User Guide for Women)

how to use an Epilator

The legs are one of the open and visible parts of the body, and it brings elegance to a lady. Shaving off the hair on your armpit, face, hands, legs and private parts are something you should do regularly. The shaving of hair from legs is known as epilating, and this is mainly associated with the ladies. Having the hair on your legs neatly shaved is sure to make you look beautiful and more adorable. Here in this article, I’ll show you how to use an Epilator.

How to Use an Epilator Steps

Get the Right Device

Making the right choice of device you’re going to use is something you should consider at first. Choose a high-quality device that can work efficiently and can last you for any time of use epilator can be used for the face, armpits etc. There is also dry and wet epilators for different purposes. So make sure to choose a good quality epilator for use. You can also buy extra accessories for aid in shaving. For dry epilation, make use of moist skincare products.

Make Sure the Epilator is Fully Charged

For battery-powered epilators, make sure you charge it to the maximum capacity. You wouldn’t want to stop halfway when getting rid of the hair on your body. So making sure your epilator is ready is an excellent way to get started on epilating.

Epilate at Night

Epilating at night is highly recommended. A common side effect of shaving is redness of the skin (mostly the legs and face) and thus shaving at night would help to limit the impact of skin redness. And also, when you’re trying to epilate your skin, you might want to exfoliate your skin to help with easy removal and less pain.

Use of epilator

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating would help to reduce the texture of the skin and help in preventing significant rapid regrowth of hair on the areas that have been epilated. It also helps in easy removal of hair (especially when you leave them to in the case of a dry epilator) and produces less pain to your body. Also, try to get some bath. Bath using warm or cold water, but never use hot water. Hot water tends to break the skin, the skin pores and increase pain while exfoliating. For underarms, make sure to wash and completely dry them. Dry your skin after taking a bath, as this makes it possible for the epilator to have fast progress. Dry hairs are more comfortable to remove using an epilator.

Shave Slowly

Epilate by anti-growth direction, and try to keep calm. Take it slowly and continuously if you want to shave every hair off. Try to start from a point where your skin is less sensitive, as this would reduce the pain. Also try to stretch your skin while shaving as this would reduce the pain more. This would also reduce the pain when you approach sensitive areas.

You’re advised to put it at its lowest speed, as this would not only reduce pain but also help in proper cleaning of the hair. When shaving the underarms, you are advised to go as it has a very sharp and cutting pain when you’re shaving for the first time.

Proper Hygiene After Use

Proper hygiene would not only make you feel good after epilating or shaving, but it would also make your equipment last longer for you Taking a shower or bath after epilating would give you a protective feeling and also reduce itching and pain. Please make use of shower gels, as they produce a cold sensation to cool down your skin. You can also make use of body cream or lotion to help soothe your skin and give it a fresh look.

For underarms, after shaving, you can make use of deodorants, and other underarms care agents. Also, make sure to clean your epilators and keep them in the optimum condition stated for them. Washing your wet epilators would cause no harm, as they are designed to be used in a shower. Although, you are not advised to soak it in water, as its resistivity may wear off. Do not let water get into your dry epilator and try as much as possible to keep your epilators dust and dirt free. You can find more epilator and shaver on

Epilating your skin is better when compared to shaving and waxing, as both tend to leave your skin looking haggard. So epilate as much as possible, as this would help reduce the pain you would encounter when shaving with an epilator next time.

How to Use a Straight Razor (Step by Step Guide)

Straight razor

A straight razor (also known as a country razor) is an open blade with a handle, which was widely used before the invention of safety razors. The use of such a straight edge razor requires care to reduce the risk of cuts.

For shaving, in the first place, you need to moisten your face with hot water and apply soap foam on it with a brush.

Then take the razor, apply it to the skin at an angle and start shaving with short controlled movements of the blade. You have to walk the razor over your face two or three times, and then do not forget to sharpen it for later use.

Having learned to work with a straight razor, you can shave your face more smoothly than using any other safe razor.

Apply soap/foam on a face:

Moisten the face with hot water.

Take a hot shower and let the water flow over your face for about five minutes. This will open the pores and soften the vegetation on the face, which will greatly facilitate the subsequent shaving. You can also attach a wet hot towel to your face, as barbers do to their clients. Simply soak a small towel with hot water and hold it pressed to your face until it cools down.

Rub shaving oil into your skin.

Good shaving oil can ease the subsequent shaving. Look for a ready-made shaving aid containing natural oils, such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil or sunflower oil. These types of oils allow you to soften the hairs and do not interfere with the movement of the razor.

shaving oil

Dampen the shaving brush with hot water.

Fill the bowl or mug with hot water. Water must be warm to soften the bristles. Leave the brush to soak in water for one or two minutes. Then remove it from the water and with a sharp movement of the wrist shake off excess water.

The most high-quality shaving brush is made using badger hair. Removes from boar bristles are cheaper, and synthetic putty is considered the lowest quality.

Of course, soap foam can be applied to the face and hands, but it will be much easier to work as a putty.

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

Fill the mug with shaving cream or soap.

Pour out previously used water from a mug or bowl. Put a little shaving cream on it or a whole piece of sudsy foam. Soap for shaving is a cheaper option and is made using a mixture of fatty vegetable oils and glycerin. The shaving cream is similar in functionality to soap; it is better to choose the cream containing essential oils such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.

Refrain from using standard gels and shaving foam. Even though they can also be used, they cannot provide you with an equally clean shave, like quality soaps and shaving cream.

Beat the foam with a brush.

Place the wet brush in the mug. Beat up soap foam or cream. The longer you beat the used product, the thicker the foam becomes.

Apply whipped foam to the stubble on your face.

Scoop up the foam with a brush. Circular motions spread the foam over the entire area, which needs to be shaved, making sure not to miss any hair. Once the face is covered with a sufficient amount of foam, a few additional strokes of swab remove from the face of excess foam.

How to Shave with a Straight Edge Razor?

Shave with straight razor

Hold the Neck of The Razor Between the Thumb and Next Three Fingers

Even though the razor has a wooden or plastic handle, you do not need to hold it. Instead, place your thumb under the neck of the razor (connecting the blade with the handle). In this case, the index, middle and ring fingers should be located on the other side of the neck. Finally, the little finger should be attached to the shaver’s shank protruding from the handle from the opposite side of the shaver’s neck.

This is the basic way to capture a razor and many people adjust it over time to ensure greater comfort and better control of the razor.


Attach the Blade to The Skin at An Angle Of 30*

The blade cannot be applied parallel to the skin, nor perpendicular to it. It should be directed to the skin at a slight angle.


Pull the Skin of The Face with The Other Hand

Start work on one side of the face. With your free hand, stretch the skin here to straighten and smooth it. Do this for each shaved area to provide a smoother shave with fewer random cuts.


Shave Your Cheeks in The Direction of Hair Growth

While holding the shaver at the right angle, start shaving from the top of the cheek. Since here the hair will grow in the direction down, also move down towards the lower jaw and chin.

Carefully work with smooth controlled downward movements of the razor. Rinse the blade and continue working from where you left off. Rinse the shaver after each shaving movement. Shave your face on both sides.

Even experienced users of dangerous razors sometimes make mistakes. In the very beginning, you will be cut. Do not despair. If you cut yourself, squash the skin in this place for a few minutes or treat the cut with a hemostat powder.

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

Shave Your Chin and Upper Lip

It’s simplest to shave your chin, continuing to move from your cheeks. The skin in this place is easy to cut, so work briefly with gentle movements towards the lower point of the chin. Stretch your lips when shaving the area around them.


Shave the Neck and The Area Under the Jaw

All other zones shave in the same way as cheeks. Tilt your head back, pull the lower jaw upward with your free hand and start shaving the submaxillary zone with downward movements of the razor. After shaving the skin directly under the jaw, go down to the neck.


The Second Time You Walk on It with A Razor Already Across the Direction of Hair Growth

This time, the razor will move from one side to the other. The press on the razor is not so much as before. Move from the ears to the center of the face. Rinse the shaver after each movement on the face.

If you learn to shave, think about the second pass in the face also consisted of the descending movements of the razor. So, you better get used to keeping the razor without creating an additional risk of cuts.


Once Again Apply Foam on The Face and Shave Against the Growth of Hair

Wash again with hot water and apply a cream or soapy foam on your face. The third pass with a razor across the face will provide the smoothest shaving result. Start work from the bottom of the neck. Be extremely careful not to cut yourself.

Clubman Pinaud Powder

After Shaving, Rinse Face with Cold Water

Coldwater will moisturize the skin and close the pores. You can also use lotion or aftershave balm, which contains hazel or laurel water for the removal of irritation. Apply the product with a tapping motion, and do not rub it into the skin.


Wipe the Shaver Dry

Wipe the razor blade with a soft cloth or toilet paper. It is important to remove all moisture from the blade so that it does not rust. Keep the shaver away from moisture and steam.

If you want to remove the shaver for long-term storage, pre-lubricate it with oil, for example, camellia oil.

Straight Razor FAQs

Is it better to shave with a straight razor?

A straight razor will cut through the hair close to the skin, and it will give you more comfort than double edged or safety razors. There is no chance of skin irritation as well as the risk of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Can you shave everyday with a straight razor?

Shaving every day is time-consuming and irritating, but for some of us, it is just the reality of things. And straight razor is one way to change up your routine.

Can I use shaving cream with a straight razor?

Yes, shaving cream is an important element to get smooth and close shave. The best shaving cream for straight razor should create rich lather.

Are straight razors dangerous?

Using straight razors is not so dangerous. Although there is few possibilities to cut your skin, it will most likely be no worse than a paper cut if you take short and gentle passes.

How to shave your head best way (Step by Step Guide)

How to shave your head best way

If you are thinking of shaving your head for the first time – here is my voluntary opinion – do it! Here we discuss about how to shave head with step by step guide.

A shaved head man has a more refreshing look than the hair one. Many people have the problem of hair fall. If you are one of them, this article is for you. The shaving head is not hard work. But there are some conditions before and after shaving your head.

Should I shave my head?

The shaved head parson has no problem with the hair thing. He does not need to waste time to keep hair cleaning or brushing. You can get ready quickly for your work as you have a shaved head. There is no specific difference than shaving face and shaving head. So you can easily shave your head in your way.

Before you shave head

Before you shave your head, you have to maintain some rules.

  • At first, you have to clean your head and exfoliate it before shaving. You should scrub head with something like soap or shampoo to clean your head. This helps remove dry skin and to prevent razor burn.

  • You can use both an electric trimmer of a shaving razor. But you should keep in mind that you have to use then at the line of your hair not against it. Otherwise, you suffer much for razor burn or irritate your skin.

  • After shaving your head, you should use the moisturizer cream or aftershave lotion to prevent damag

  • Using a quality product is very important. There are many types of products remaining in the market that can be used to shave your head. But you have to choose the perfect and good one.

How to shave head: Suggestions

You can shave your head in your ways. But I can help you with some important suggestions that you can follow and shave your head comfortably.


You can trim your head with a trimmer. Then you can easily shave your head.


After trim it, you use a shaving gel that you use during the shave.


You should use new or excellent condition blade that gives you a comfortable shave.


You should shave your head softly


Wash your razor every time you use both back and front side carefully


Then you can use the shaving gel again that helps you to prevent razor burn


Wash your head with water and use your towel


Use aftershave or lotion that keeps your head skin soft Best way to shave head

The bald head is not a problem. But if you have some hair in your head, it is more problematic for you to go to the barber for cutting it or taking regular care. But I think it is more problematic for you and your busy life. You can get rid of this problem by shaving your head. Here are some little tips for shaving your head.

Best Way to Shave Your Head: Step by Step

Trim your head

Trim Your Hair

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

Get the right razor

Short hair

Wet your head

shaving oil

Apply a shaving lubricant

shaving head

Now start shaving

shaved head back

Clean up

Ways to shave your bald head

Bald head-shaving is easy. But it is better for you if you have a warm shower. Some ways to shave your bald head:

  • Electric trimmer or clipper: Hair fall and bald head are typical nowadays. For this, you can keep your head shaved using an electric trimmer or clipper. You can use it quickly. You do not need to worry about razor burn, and it is safe to use.

  • Face shaving razor: You can use your traditional face shaving razor to shave your bald head. This razor generally has a moving head and two or more blades that give you a smooth shaving. You can use shaving brash and cream or shaving foam to do this.

  • Safety Razor: Safety Razor contains one blade that is good for your head because there is less friction, and for this, you do not have to suffer from razor burn.

shaved head woman

How to shave your head woman

There is no difference to shave head for men and women. For the first time, you should be prepared, take your time, and follow the steps above.

  • You should be prepared with essential things like a razor, shaving cream, aftershave or balm, warm water, face towel, and a regular towel

  • It is right for you if you start it after trimming your head. Then you can easily use the razor on your head.

  • After trimming your hair, you can use hot water to clean it. It gives you a smooth shaving performance. You can also get rid of the razor burn.

  • Now it is time to use shaving cream or shaving foam. It is a useful thing to give you a good shave.

  • When you are going to use the razor, you should be very easy and careful. If you go too fast, It is not right for you and you can get razor burn.

  • It is also crucial for you to choose the correct direction for shaving because of direction matters. Most of the women do not know about the direction, and they get razor burn or bad shaving performance. If you want, you can shave your head one or more times, but you have to maintain your direction. You can start your shaving from front to back. You should straight your head during shaving.

  • You should clean your razor often during shave; otherwise, you get a bad shave.

  • After completing your shave, you should bear in mind that you have to use aftershave or lotion. It helps you to get a good look and keep your skin good.

  • After your shave, you should clean up your equipment to use for the next time. Otherwise you cannot be able to use it.

How often you shave your head?

It does mainly depend on your own opinion that how often you should shave your head. It may be once or twice in a week or a month. The hair fall problem is very common nowadays. If you want to keep your hair short and minimize the bald effect, you can shave your head every two or three days. The shaving head is universal in almost every country. A shaved head person looks neat and clean and also smarter.

How to shave the side of your head?

Shaving the side of your head is a new style. But it is a difficult work to do for you. You should
be more careful when you are going to shave the side of your head behind your ears. You can use your hand to hold your ears. Then you can shave the sides of your head comfortably.

Remington HC4250 Pro Self-Haircut Kit

How to shave your head with Clippers?

If you want to shave your head with Clippers, You need the following tools, like an electric razor, electric clippers, and mirror. By maintaining several steps, you can get the best results.

  • You can start your cutting with the Clippers. If your hairs are long, you should move the clipper easily and slowly.

  • Taking a shower is more important to shave your head because it helps you to get rid of razor burn.

  • Then you can use moisturizer cream or lotion or shaving gel. That gives you a good performance. You should be careful during the time of shaving near your ears.

  • You should use aftershave or something that gives you a comfortable outcome.

Best way to shave head with an electric razor

The way to shave head with an electric razor or regular razor is not always the same. It can be said that one is automatic and one is manual. So when you use the electric groomer or trimmer to shave, you should be more careful to use the normal one.

Head shave aftercare

After shaving your head, there is some maintenance of the skin of your head. You do not have to make you do better than the others. That's why I am going to give you some great tips that you can take good care of your shaved head.

Tend Skin after shave
  • You should not rich the shampoo and conditioner on your head. Then you should use a man shampoo. The best shampoo is usually designed for the scalp, and it will help to clean your skin of the head.

  • You should not go outside in the sun with your shaved head. You should wear a cap or hat on your head. Because sunburn can damage your head skin

  • you should keep your head skin hydrated and use moisturizing lotion regularly

  • Sometimes you can try scalp massage. It gives you good blood flow and good healthy hair growth.

Final Words

A shaved head is an art. It is a great look! However, in order to keep that shaved head of yours looking great. You also need to keep your scalp and skin in tip-top shape. You can do this easily, but by maintaining some rules, you can do it better.

How To Use Philips Body Groomer

How To Use Philips Body Groomer

Using body groomer is not is an easy task as it is easy to get enjoyment. Whether you are planning to groom your body whatever the reason even wherever you like to trim you should have enough ideas and experience to operate comfortably.

Among other body groomers brand in the market, Philips is the most popular and famous brand to make all the body acre tools and accessories. Using Phillips body groomer 7100 is completely easier than another similar trimmer.

Although you may go through few ways to trim your body and cut all the hairs as small as possible even from the most sensitive place. Whether you are preparing to use the Philippics body groomer, yo should follow some guidelines.

However, you can complete the body trimming process by few parts. Although different people can start through different ways based off their personal comfortableness. Here I am going to discuss q complete guide that might show that how to use Phillips body groomer.

How to use philips body groomer 1000 Video

Product used in this video:

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1000

How to use a Bodygroomer Step by Step

Prepare The Groomer:

Before starting body trimming it is important to make ready the groomer. Nowadays almost all the body groomer works with battery power. Before starting the groomer you have to check the battery charge as well as other configuration that related to the performance of the trimmer. Whether all the relevant gears are ready to go for operation then you can start to the next step.

Make Hair Soft and Smooth:

Some people has a very strong hair across the whole body which is difficult to cut by the ordinary trimmer. Although Phillips body groomer 3100 has a high-quality configuration to work under pressure. However, you may use some alcoholic liquid components that work to make hair soft and smooth. It would be another alternative if you any spray which works similar to alcoholic liquid components.

Press Trigger and Move Over Hair:

Whether you already have finished all the preparation to use the body groomer now this is time to start the operation. To began the trimming you have to turn the trigger button to start. However, it is important to keep in mind that you have to turn the groomer over your skin. Another remarkable thing to determine that you have to set the capture length based on your hair size.

Repeat The Process:

If you read the previous lines then you have some idea and experience to use body groomer. However, it is not all the process that you just start the grooming but you have to continue the process.

You have to turn the trimmer over the whole of the body or particular places where you would like to get a haircut. It is important to keep in mind that you should get the haircut with same length and size over everywhere.

Final Words:

Unless getting matching and similar hair it would look horrible. Grooming with Philips body groomer is not an easy task but it would be efficient if you know the proper ways. However, it would be great and helpful if you follow our given instructions.

How to Use an Electric Shaver

How to Use an Electric Shaver

Using an electric saver is more efficient, low time consuming, and skin friendly rather than an ordinary hand drove shaver. People used to shave their face and body by hand driven shaver which was horrible because of taken long time as well as it affected the skin. All we know that electric shaver has many financial and health benefits but the most important thing to use it properly.

Due to some electric configuration and latest features, it is little difficult to use an electric shaver. Whether you are planning to purchase an electric shaver, it might require some previous experience, idea or some guidelines. To keep your worries free.

I am going to share some guidelines that might help you to use an electric shaver.

Choose Perfect Shaver

Before starting to shave with an electric shaver, you have to choose a perfect one. All we know that different people have different skin quality and smoothness. However, you should test your skin and get suggestions from experts that which shaver would best with what blades quality.

Wash Your Skin

Some people get very sensitive skin, and oily skin and some people have skin with very strong hair which is difficult to buy blades. However, you should wash your skin very well to remove oil as well as make the skin soft.

Wash Your Skin

There is another reason to wash skin before shave that if you use an electric shaver without washing before that will be harmful skin because the face is the most sensitive place in human body.

Adjust Your Hair

Electric shaver has much different than an ordinary shaver because the blades are already adjusted with shaver body. However, your hair should be adjustable by the shaver. Usually, it takes around two weeks to get the touchable size of hair by the shaver. Unless getting perfect and adjustable size your electric shaver will fail to offer proper hair cutting performance.

Use Some Alcoholic Pre-Shaver

Saving without any softer is difficult, risky even not healthy. However, you should use some alcoholic pre shave on your skin that will make the skin soft and smooth. It would be easier to move the shaver on soft skins as well as it would save you skin from the risk of an unexpected accident.

Another remarkable benefit of the pre-shave that it works like anticipating which keep your skin free from virus and bacteria even it works whenever you face any skin cut.

Change The Blades

After shaving few times, the electric shaver blades lose the ability to offer proper shaving experience. All we know that sharp fewer blades are very harmful to skin and health even it would affect to your eyes.


However, you should change the electric shaver blades after few times shave. Most often you have to change the blades while you have different size of hair because the type of and size of blades depends on the size of hairs.

The benefits and performance of electric shaver mostly depend on the right use of the shaver. Before selecting an electric shaver, you should have previous experience or guide that show the way to use an electric shaver.