Best Electric Head Shaver Reviews & Buying Guide

Electric shavers have really made things easier for every man and woman who would like to have some hair somewhere cut or trimmed. You don't need to visit a barber every time your hair grows long to cut off your long hairs.

Electric shavers have done great work and shave perfectly to your desired style. If you own one of these electric shavers, no need of leaving your hair to grow too long. You can train yourself to trim your hair almost every time you feel like.

To make sure that you have come out with the right hair cut, you must have the best electric head shaver. In the past, people used razor blades to cut off their hairs, but due to the improved technology, machines have made shaving system easier.

There are various kinds of head shavers, and for that reason, you have to be sure of which one will exactly suit your needs. When choosing a head shaver for bald heads, you have to be more careful. Bald heads need more examination before you purchase its shaver.

In stock there are several head shavers brands, and both of these shavers do excellent work. They will only differ by their prices. Some electric shavers are expensive compared to other types of shavers.

It is upon you to choose the best that will meet your needs as per your budget. Below are the five electric head shavers that you may be able to choose, the one that is good for you. I will also provide features that make them be rated as the best electric head shaver.

Best Electric Head Shaver - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Electric Head Shaver

There are several types of electric head shavers, and each of them has its unique ability and functionality. Coming up with the electric head shaver is a bit tricky and challenging. You have to know your needs so as to come up with the correct head shaver knows to buy. Below are the factors that will assist you choose the best electric head shaver.

The Price

Electric shavers come with their different price tags. Everyone has his budget; you have to know which electric head shaver is economical for you. Don't buy a shaver that is more expensive knowing that it is not going to meet your needs.

The price does not indicate the quality of a product. Always read the product review to buy the best electric head shaver.

Source Of Power

Knowing the source of power of the best electric head shaver you want to buy is very important. Choose an electric shaver that is rechargeable. This will keep you on the move. You can use it anywhere without its power going off. The rechargeable shavers are good being used at home or when traveling.

Wet or Dry Shaver

Owning a versatile head shaver is good. Something good about the dry electric shaver is that you can shave even at your desk, unlike the wet electric shaver that requires you to move to your bathroom. It is advisable that you go for an electric shaver that is both dry and wet so as to enjoy shaving in the bathroom as well as at your office place.

Electric Head Shaver Reviews

Type of the Skin

Some people have very sensitive skins. It is known that the foil shaver is less harmful to your skin as compared to a rotary shaver. Having this in mind, you have to come up with the right shaving product with the right shaving techniques that will give you a smooth shave without skin irritation. The Wahl head shaver is specifically for bald people, and you will find that it gives the close cut and leaves the skin with no irritation.


The maintenance procedures should be taken into consideration. Your shaver will have to last for so long when properly maintained. Water cleans most electric head shavers or rinsed under a running tap water.

But the Electric shavers don't require to be submerged in water. Some shavers need oil and brush to be cleaned, and these are the shavers that use blades to cut the hair. Choose a shaver that will be easy for you to clean up.

Waterproof Shavers

Waterproof electric shavers give you the best shave whether it is wet or dry. Some cordless electric shavers use gel or shaving cream to give a smooth cut. Some can be used right in the shower without any worries. But is important for you is that, you have to read the instructions before introducing your shaver on either way.

Best Electric Head Shaver Reviews

Remington HC4250 Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington HC4250 Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Editor's Rating:

The Remington HC4250 self-haircut is one of the best and most efficient head shavers you can come across today.

It is an innovatively created machine that will help you keep your hair short for a greater look. This head shaver is fast and timely with its cutting capability.

The good thing about this head shaver is that it can operate either with a corded clipper or cordless clipper. It has lithium power that is capable of providing proper timing after every 4hour of battery charge.

This head shaver has curve blade system, which is a feature that will help you create a natural design and style on your hair. This makes a perfect cut mostly around the neck and ear areas. Another good thing about this shaver is that it fits your hands comfortably when shaving. This is because of its ergonomic design.

This also gives proper shaving on all the parts of your body like the neckline, the ears and at the back of your head. It is easy to wash the clipper after every shave. It is featured with washout ports and removable blades that make the head shaver easy to clean.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Operates quietly
  • A waterproof machine
  • It has a grip design that targets the back of the hair
  • Impressively easy to use
  • Boasts an ergonomic design


  • The battery does not last for so long
  • It's hard to shave around the ear area with this machine

Philips Norelco QC5580 Hair Clipper

Philips Norelco QC5580-40 Hair Clipper

Editor's Rating:

The Philips Norelco has always proven to be leaders in the production of innovative electronics. This machine runs gently on every surface to cut your hair into the desired length and style.

The Philips Norelco QC5580 Hair Clipper cuts your hair from all corners of your face and the back of your head.

This machine allows you to shave without having any difficulty. It features a very powerful lithium battery that is used to top up the battery's power so that it can last for many hours with its power. This head shaver comes with a head shaving attachment that gives the shaver an easy time.

What I love most about this hair clipper is that it is friendly with the skin. Which means after using it, you will never experience skin irritation. It gives a good look of the skin because of the unique blades and combs that it has. Philips Norelco hair clipper is a complimentary product that one would never want to miss in his living room.

It is easy to carry around, and it shaves to the perfect desired hair length that you will desire. The good news is that this hair clipper comes with a warranty of 2 years that is limited to the user. In case of any failure of the product, you are allowed to return it back to the store and get another one that works well for you.


  • It comes with a salon package
  • Features customized setting
  • An easy to use machine
  • Conveniently easy to clean
  • A convenient shaver
  • It is easy to remove and attach the attachments


  • Made from low-quality materials

Braun Series 3 32B Replacement Parts

Braun Series 3 32B Replacement Parts

Editor's Rating:

This seems to be many people's favorite model in this list of the best electric head shavers. This Braun Series 3 Shaver removes unwanted hairs from the body.

It is a head shaver that is 100 percent gentle on your skin. It has a triple cutting action that provides efficient shave.

What I love most about this Braun shaver is that it is compatible with 3 series and cruZer clean shavers. This enables you to match with the already existing model. 

As you purchase the Braun Series 3 32B Replacement Parts electric shaver, a foil and cutter block should come with it.

This foil and cutter block helps you not to tamper with your skin or to injure the skin. This shaver removes unwanted hairs, and the skin remains smooth and clean.


  • Extremely fast and convenient
  • Provides the perfect shave
  • Excellently priced
  • Simple cleaning procedure and process
  • It is easy to replace its foil
  • Compatible and versatile


  • Its replacement foil is not long lasting

Butterfly Pro 5h Head Shaver

Butterfly Pro 5h Head Shaver

Editor's Rating:

Skull electric butterfly shaver is a special type of head shaver, and it looks unique compared to other models of head shavers.

This shaver has a butterfly-like shape with a collection of razor blades that does effective work. 

This butterfly shaver does not only shave; it is cable of trimming nose hairs, eyebrows and shaving the armpit hairs. This butterfly shaver is designed with large swirling shaver head that has five rotary cutters, and this provides faster and closer shave. It can shave both wet areas and dry areas too.

This skull butterfly shaver has a small patented hand-held shaver handle; this shaver handles fits comfortably in your hands to give an easy shave. It is horizontally designed, unlike the vertical traditional shaver that used to be in the past.

This shaver has a double super thin head, and this automatically adjusts to every curve of your bodies scalp. This gives a smooth shave. This quality helps the user shaves so faster with ease using the desired direction.


  • It has a flexible head that makes shaving easy
  • Features a smooth head
  • Portable
  • It charges so quickly
  • Easy to store
  • Runs faster thus gives a faster shave


  • It cannot be used in bathtubs or shower
  • Do not give a close shave.

Wahl Professional Balding Clipper 8110

Wahl Professional Balding Clipper

Editor's Rating:

The Wahl Professional Hair Clipper does great work. This electric shaver is the best balding clipper.

If you want your hair cut close to your scalp, the Wahl professional clipper is the best choice for you. It leaves your scalp looking smooth and clean.

The good thing about this hair clipper is that it has a powerful motor that makes the work shorter by clipping your hair close to the scalp leaving you feeling soft and cool. Another good feature about this hair clipper is that it has sharp blades.

When cutting your hair, the sharp blades cuts through the hair using only a single pass, this saves time and prevents one from having skin irritation. It is also easy to use this hair clipper. It is fitted with blades and cutting guides that make it very easily and effective, especially if you maintain it well. You should always keep it well oiled.

The Wahl electric head shaver is a corded model with 2.4 cables. This ensures that your clipper is at the fullest power possible. When cutting your hair using this clipper make sure that it has enough power so as to produce quality results.


  • Boasts powerful heavy duty corded clipper
  • An excellent clipper at good price
  • Lasts long if properly maintained
  • Features the V5000 vibrator that makes it durable
  • It has a very comfortable grip
  • Functions quietly


  • It has sharp blades that can injure you when mishandled.

Final Verdict

Today, everybody lives in the modern technological generation where everything is digital, and machines do almost everything. Electric shavers have saved people's time.

You will be happy with your electric head shaver when you have chosen the one that suits your requirements. All the head shavers come with their different prices, but the price of a product does not tell how durable the shaver is. I always advise you to read the product review first so as to purchase a quality electric head shaver.

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