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How to Make Braun Clean And Renew Refills Last Longer?

Embark on the ultimate journey towards a fuss-free shaving routine by embracing the wonders of an automatic cleaning station. Specifically designed for Braun electric shavers, this station is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Why? Because when it comes to maintaining those intricate shaving heads (cassettes), manual cleaning can be a daunting task.

But fear not, for Braun’s clean & renew cartridges bring a breath of fresh air to your grooming ritual. Not only do they rid your shaver of pesky debris, but the cleaning fluid also plays a pivotal role.

Picture this: it not only cleans but also lubricates the foils and blades, elevating your shaver’s performance. The result? A prolonged lifespan, thanks to reduced friction and heat during every shave. Trust me; a Braun cleaning station is a game-changer.

However, here’s the catch—you’ll have to dig into your pockets for those refills if you want to bask in the glory of a squeaky clean, citrus-scented shaver.

Braun’s clean and renew cartridges are undoubtedly fantastic, but they come at a price. Compared to their counterparts, these cartridges are a tad expensive and, to add a twist, they need more frequent replacements than other detergent-based solutions.

Now, let’s turn the tables and put you in control. In this post, I’ll share 3 actionable tips to stretch the lifespan of your Braun cleaning cartridges. Not only will this save you money, but it’ll also ensure your shaving experience remains top-notch.

Let the savings begin—let’s dive in!

1. Once the cleaning process is complete, remove the cartridge and securely place the plastic cap back on

braun refill cartridge cap

Unlike other electric shaver brands that utilize detergent-based solutions, Braun’s cleaning fluid incorporates alcohol, either ethanol or isopropanol. It’s important to note that alcohol evaporates rapidly, offering the advantage of quicker drying time for the shaving head. However, this also means that the cleaning fluid within the container will evaporate more swiftly.

Fortunately, addressing this issue is simple.

After the cleaning cycle concludes, open the station, carefully extract the cartridge, firmly attach the plastic cap, and store it in a secure location until your next shave.

Note: Please be aware that specific Series 7 and all Series 9 cleaning stations come equipped with an active drying system, such as induction heating or a fan. In such instances, it’s advisable to remove the cartridge after the drying phase concludes.

Braun recommends removing the cartridge if the station won’t be used for an extended period, but I personally suggest doing so every time to maximize the lifespan of a single cartridge.

Even with daily station usage, there is still a 24-hour window during which some of the alcohol-based fluid will naturally evaporate. Therefore, it is crucial not to discard the plastic cap when installing a new cartridge.

2. Before utilizing the cleaning station, ensure to remove the majority of hair strands from the shaving head.

braun cassette inside
Inside the Braun CCR cassette

The foils and blades of your Braun shaver are integrated into a single component known as a cassette.

This cassette contains a highly intricate inner part, making the cleaning process challenging, with complete removal of clippings and dirt nearly impossible.

However, extracting as much debris as possible before using the station significantly contributes to our objective of maximizing the number of cleaning cycles per cartridge.

After completing your shaving session, take out the cassette and gently tap it against the edge of your sink or countertop.

Remember to tap only the plastic frame, avoiding contact with the foils to prevent damage.

Remove hair from the cassette

Utilize the provided brush to briefly clean the inner part of the cassette, or if available, use a can of compressed air.

This step of hair removal is crucial; our aim is to extend the usage of the cleaning cartridge, minimizing contamination with hair strands in the cleaning fluid whenever possible.

This quick process only takes a few seconds but can make a substantial difference.

Note: Never use the cleaning station if your shaver retains any foam and soap residue. Ensure it is completely dry before employing the cleaning station.

3. Combine the use of the cleaning station with occasional manual cleaning.

cleaning electric razor

One compelling reason I advocate for Braun cleaning stations is the gradual accumulation of hairs, dirt, skin cells, and residue inside the cassette, posing hygiene concerns for your shaver over time.

However, this buildup occurs after several months of use, allowing for intermittent manual cleanings. For instance, using the station after every three shaving sessions can be a reasonable approach.

This strategy presents a practical compromise, providing the flexibility to employ the cleaning station whenever a more thorough cleaning is deemed necessary.

For a more effective manual cleaning, I recommend using a small amount of liquid soap with warm tap water, though the choice is yours. While using only water or simply brushing the hairs are quicker methods, they are less effective.

Additionally, since soap removes lubrication traces from the blades, remember to apply a drop of clipper oil or sewing machine oil on each foil.

The third step is optional, and it’s up to you to decide how often you are willing to bypass the automated cleaning process and clean the shaver manually. Personally, I find success using the station once every three to four shaves.

How long a Braun CCR cartridge to last?

My 6 months old Braun Clean & Renew refill

The duration largely hinges on the frequency of your cleaning station usage, but adhering to the aforementioned steps should typically yield a lifespan of three to five months for a single Braun CCR refill.

However, a few considerations should be taken into account.

Officially, Braun recommends replacing the cleaning cartridge every two months once it has been opened and used, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimal hygiene.

Personally, I have successfully used the same cartridge for over five months without encountering any issues. It’s worth noting that I rotate between several electric shavers, reducing the station’s usage compared to most users.

The key is to monitor the cleaning fluid for excessive contamination with hair and dirt, ensuring it doesn’t clog the filter inside the cartridge, and checking for any buildups or unpleasant odors. As long as these issues are absent, the cartridge should suffice.

Upon noticing any signs of contamination or unpleasant odors, it’s advisable to replace the cartridge promptly. For cost-effectiveness, purchasing Braun refills in bulk is a prudent option, given the more reasonable price per cartridge.

While exploring cheaper third-party refills or creating a DIY Braun cleaning solution is an alternative, it’s a distinct topic that I plan to delve into extensively in a future post (this one will be updated accordingly).

Disclaimer: and the author of this post bear no responsibility for any damage resulting from improper use of your shaver. Always adhere to the instructions provided in your user’s manual.

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