Best Double Edge Razor for Beginners Reviews & Buying Guide

Change is inevitable, and as you grow older, you need to adapt to these changes. An example is facial hair. They're a rite of passage for every man, how you look at it; a blessing or a curse is dependent on you.

Grooming your facial hair will speak volumes about your hygiene. That's where double edge razors come in. Shaving has been around since the 1800s, with the correct razor, you can get the perfect shave. Choosing the best double edge razor can be daunting. That's why I have put together reviews of the best ones.

Best Double Edge Razor - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Double Edge Razor for Beginners

Knowing to choose the right razor as a beginner is very important. I have prepared these tips to guide you through as you decide on the best double edge razor for beginners.


It's the determinant on what type of double razor you'll get. It's a personal choice and also dependent on the amount of facial hair. If you're hairy, you'll need to spend money getting a tough razor that can handle every day grooming.

The worldwide known brands usually have standard prices in all stores. However, the unknown brands may fluctuate in different countries or states even though they work the same. These different brands charge according to materials used and the features that make the razors stand out. Brands with unique features will be costly compared to those with standard features.

Open Comb Heads

They're a unique feature that comes with the best double edge razor for beginners. This feature is perfect for beginners. There's nothing painful like a blade cutting your hand when you're replacing. You may just feel like giving up on the whole thing. The open comb allows you to easily remove and replace razors without accidentally cutting your fingers.

Best Double Edge Razor Reviews

The space where the razor blade locks is another feature you should put into consideration. Different razors use different sized blades. Some that come with it, others that are bought separately. Before you buy ensure the razor gap is the same size as the razor blade. Otherwise, the blade won't lock into the razor, causing inconvenience.

Razor Design

Razors are designed to have either short or long handle depending on the manufacturer. This is a personal choice as you will be using it. It should, however, feel comfortable in your hand, otherwise, you may end up cutting yourself. Razors with short handles are more comfortable when in use.

The other thing about the handle you should consider is the weight of the razor. The weight rests on the handle compared to the head. An interesting fact about shaving is that the weight should do the shaving for you every time.

With this in mind, don't go buying a hefty razor as it will do more harm than good. Don't go buying the lightest razor you can find; it will deceive you and end up harming you.

Manufacturers make their razors from different materials depending on their customer reviews or closest available material or the standardized materials for razors. Razors made from any metal costs a lot more compared to razors made from plastic.

This is because these metals aren't easy to find. They're also long lasting. The material is a personal choice. Decide on one that falls into your style category. You can go overboard and choose one that fits into your bathroom décor.


How well you take care/ clean your razor will determine how long it will last. This factor is directly related to the material used. There are some materials that are super sensitive, and you need to take exceptional care of these types of razors.

For razors like that, the box or the packaging it comes with usually has a note written to inform you on how to care for it before, during and after use. You should be on the lookout for these kinds of razors as they will determine how easy it will be to clean.

The Inclusion Of Blades

A good number of double edge razors for beginners come with their blades. These blades have been specifically manufactured for use in the razors. For those that don't come with their razors usually, have a recommendation for the ones to get.

Ensure you get the right razor blade for the razor you've chosen. Also, ensure that the blade fits into the razor-head well enough

Best Double Edge Razor Reviews

VIKINGS BLADE Chieftain Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

Editor's Rating:

As a beginner, you always want to associate with the best in the business. Not only does it make you feel elegant but also manly. The VIKINGS BLADE, the Chieftain Safety Razor, is just the perfect pick.

The razor features high-end Swedish Stainless Steel and a premium mix of brass and bronze alloy.

It's then heavily coated with shiny Chrome. This makes it durable, tarnish and rust resistant. Its sophisticated material will leave you feeling like a good.

Unlike other brands in the market that leave you with cuts when changing the blades, this razor is unique. It has an advanced butterfly head for a quick 5second blade change plus a Microcomb system to prevent cuts.

The blades are raw, unbranded and unpolished super sharp Platinum-coated from Swedish Steel to give you the cut you want. It comes with a free leatherette and suede travel case with a mirror plus 5complimentary blades.


  • Hand-crafted from Swedish Stainless Steel
  • Advanced butterfly head for quick blade change
  • Microcomb system
  • Super sharp Platinum-coated blades
  • Bonus items for convenience


  • Not suitable for people with large hands
  • Doesn't give a smooth shave

Perfecto Double Edge Safety Razor

Perfecto Double Edge Safety Razor

Editor's Rating:

Every man looks forward to when they'll start growing beard hair. When it happens, you get excited, sometimes though you'd want to look boyish which requires a close shave.

The Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor is the best double edge razor that gives the best shaves.

A close shave is appropriate for every function, and it can't let you down. This razor produces an extra close shave. This means it cuts hair down to the deck making it the perfect gift for any man.

Other razor brands in the market can put a dampener on your day. You spend a lot of time shaving then when you're done, and you're not satisfied with what you see. This razor is precision made for high-quality shaving.

Its quality-constructed exterior makes it durable and easy to maintain. The gleaming chrome finish is rust and tarnish resistant. Its long handle is knurled for a comfortable, non-slip grip. The Perfecto Double Edge Safety Razor also works well with all hand sizes designed to deliver the best shave of your life.


  • Gives an extra close shaving
  • Precision made for high-quality shaving
  • Quality construction
  • Gleaming chrome finish
  • Handle is knurled for a comfortable non-slip grip


  • Razor blades aren't included in this safety razor
  • Razor head must be removed to replace the blade

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Editor's Rating:

If you've done research on razors and have landed on the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, you're young at heart but ancient of soul. This razor was used when shaving was an art form.

It's the best double edge razor for people looking for craftsmanship.

The superior design of this Edwin Jagger Razor is expertly weighted, comfortable in your hands and gives you greater control and balance. With this razor, prepare yourself for the ultimate shaving experience. Its textured handle gives an excellent grip making grooming safe even with wet hands.

The shaver will not drop in the shower. High-quality Chrome plate finish protects it from rust and corrosion making this razor the perfect purchase. Comes with a Microcomb screw-head meaning it won't clog up with gunk or stubble.

This razor is perfect for a beginner, and it comes complete with a bonus pdf that gives you all the tips and tricks you need to achieve a flawless shave. With the 5Stainless Steel blades included, you can save money on replacements.


  • Superior design for greater control and balance
  • Textured handle for excellent grip
  • High-quality Chrome plate finish
  • Microcomb screw-head
  • Bonus pdf with tips and tricks


  • Not useful for styling beards
  • You have to unscrew the razor-head to replace blades

Bigfoot Shaves Double Edge Razor

Bigfoot Shaves Double Edge Razor

Editor's Rating:

When you use your razor as a beginner, there's a high probability of cutting yourself. To avoid this get the Bigfoot Shaves Double Edge Razor.

It's the best double edge razor that protects your skin form cuts and nicks.

Its butterfly razor advantage is designed to make your shaving experience easier. The razor twists to open the butterfly at the top. You fit the razor blade inside and twist to close. Once closed it's a guarantee that the mount will protect your skin during shaving, in turn, reducing cuts and nicks

The double edge is constructed out of a single piece of steel built with longevity in mind. Once you open the box and hold the razor in your hands, you'll feel the uniqueness.

It comes with high-quality very sharp and huge cost shaving blades. A bonus travel kit is included in the package for even more convenience. The kit is accustomed to your needs including a carrying case complete with a mirror and sample blades.


  • Butterfly razor replacement system
  • Made from Stainless Steel for durability
  • High-quality, sharp razor blades
  • Protects skin from cuts and nicks
  • Comes with a bonus travel kit


  • Not efficient for a close shave
  • Can't shave stubble

Sir Hare Double Edge Safety Razor

Sir Hare Double Edge Safety Razor

Editor's Rating:

If you have figured out how sensitive your skin is, good for you. For those who haven't, it's important to know your skin's sensitivity.

The Sir Hare Double Edge Safety Razor is the best double edge razor for sensitive skin. It's the best razor to start using as a beginner as you try to navigate shaving.

This razor comes with Sir Hare safety razor and 5double edge razor blades. These blades provide a closer smoother shave at a fraction of the cost. The body is made from Stainless Steel for that's durable, tarnish and rust free.

This razor is as versatile as they come. It's gentle and smooth enough for the daily shaver. At the same time, it's tough enough for thick beards with 5 days of growth.

Comfort is essential when shaving as it determines how careful your hands will feel on the razor. The Diamond knurl handle provides the best possible grip with no slip. It can be used with wet and dry hands.


  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Come with Sir Hare 5double edge razor blades
  • Stainless Steel exterior
  • Diamond knurl handle for a comfortable grip
  • Versatile daily and weekly usage


  • Short handle
  • A little bit hefty

How To Shave With A Double Edge Razor

  • After buying the razor that meets your needs and probably wondering what next? You're in the right place. These are steps on how to appropriately use the razor.
  • Take a shower or apply a hot towel on your face. This helps in softening the skin and your facial hair. Alternatively, you can use pre-shave oil.
  • Using your hands apply the shaving cream to the area you want to shave.
  • A badger brush is usually a better option of applying shaving cream as it lifts up hairs at the same time scraps off dead skin cells
  • Use the badger brush to distribute the shaving cream
  • You have to learn to give yourself a shave, and it takes time. So don't worry if you get a cut or a nick
  • Pull skin in the opposite direction of the blade
  • Hold the razor at about 30degrees
  • Don't apply too much pressure, let the weight of the razor do the shaving.
  • Use short, even strokes
  • Repeat
  • When you're done, clean the razor under warm running water then store it

Final Verdict

As a beginner, you're cautious about the type of double edge razor you pick. I'd recommend any of the above. They're the best double edge razor for beginners in the market. Don't try using the razor on an important day because you might get nicks that will be super uncomfortable.

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