How to Charge a Trimmer without Charger: Best Easy Ways

how to charge a trimmer without charger

Trimmers can be convenient while traveling or at a friend’s place however you have a corded or cordless trimmer, but it can be difficult to remember the charger. However, some methods work when you don’t have your charger with you. So, how to charge a trimmer without charger? Issues like charging a beard trimmer without the original charger can be very frustrating. It’s not always easy to find the perfect …

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Electric Foil Shaver vs Rotary Shaver: Which is Better?

Foil Shaver vs Rotary Shaver

The debate over which is better between electric foil shavers vs rotary shavers has been ongoing for years. There have been many articles, write-ups and comparative reviews trying to match the utility and efficiency between these two types of shavers. Yet, for the most part, reviewers are shy of giving off a definitive answer to the raging question every serious shaver user wish to have an answer. So which is …

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How to Shave Your Chest Without Getting Bumps & Irritation

How to Shave Your Chest

To shave or not to shave chest hair is a personal choice. It is an opinion that varies from one individual to another. Shaving chest hair may be rather tasking. If not done carefully, it may present poor results on the skin. You may not want to show off your chest on the beach with a roughly shaven chest. Further, skin bumps and irritation can keep you away from shaving …

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How to Use a Straight Razor (Step-by-Step Guide)

Straight razor

A straight razor (also known as a country razor) is an open blade with a handle, which was widely used before the invention of safety razors. The use of such a straight-edge razor requires care to reduce the risk of cuts. For shaving, in the first place, you need to moisten your face with hot water and apply soap foam on it with a brush. Then take the razor, apply it …

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How to shave your head best way (Step by Step Guide)

How to shave your head best way

If you are thinking of shaving your head for the first time – here is my voluntary opinion – do it! Here we discuss about how to shave head with step by step guide.A shaved head man has a more refreshing look than the hair one. Many people have the problem of hair fall. If you are one of them, this article is for you. The shaving head is not …

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Hair Trimmer Maintenance Tips by Trimmereo

Hair Trimmer Maintenance

Getting body hair is a natural phenomenon, and there is no need to get ashamed for it. However, it may grow in excess hence become unwanted in different body parts, for example, the back. It is for this reason that one needs to regularly trim or shave this hair to have a good facial hair game. An excellent facial hair game brings out a well-kempt person in the first place. …

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