Best Cartridge Razors Reviews & Buying Guide (Updated 2020)

A greater part of a man's looks is determined by how well he grooms himself. Many men today still treat shaving as an afterthought, which shouldn't be the case. For most people, shaving is something that stays with us for as long as we live. 

That is why it should be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You can only enjoy it if you use high-quality shaving machines that are gentle on you and your skin.

With the advancement in technology, the razor industry has seen great improvements over the years. The popularity of cartridge razors in the men's grooming realm is undeniable. These machines have revolutionized the way a modern man keeps his beard and body hair cut down, managed or trimmed.

In this guide, we take you through the best cartridge razors on the market and how each of them can help you keep a clean shave with less effort. Take a look at these products and choose the one that best suits your needs, preference, and financial ability.

Best Cartridge Razors - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Cartridge Razors

The cartridge razors aren't as common as the other types yet, but they have won the hearts of many users with their incredible technology, features and performance. This sectioned highlights some of the most vital features to consider when choosing the best cartridge razors for sensitive skin.

Number of Blades

The number of blades a cartridge has determines several characteristics. Consider both the ups and Downs of a certain number of blades before you settle on a product. More blades mean a cleaner shave with minimums strokes.

It also means minimizes shaving time. On the other hand, less number of blades is easier to clean and maintain. The importance of more razors dwarfs the limitations. The more the number of razors, the better the shaving experience.

Cartridge Razors Reviews

Razor Weight

A razor's weight will determine if using and controlling it while shaving will be easy. More weight makes it easier to use and control. It Aldo ensures that the razor shaves without you having to press it on your skin so hard.

If a razor is too light and you have to press it to make it shave properly, it would irritate your skin or even make it red. Heavier razors also reduce chances of cutting yourself.

Safety on Skin

Most cartridge razors today come with safety features that protect the skin, especially the sensitive types. You need a razor that won't cut your skin under any circumstance. Features such as blade guards help protect the skin during shaving.

The Moisturizing qualities protect sensitive skin from irritation. I would always consider choosing razors with the most safety features.


There is a lot to get from a razor's design. An innovatively designed razor is constructed with many helpful factors considered. The handle should not be slippery. So make sure it has non-slip features that make it easy to use in both wet and dry conditions. You'll also want to consider choosing the design that best suits your style and taste.

Best Cartridge Razors Reviews

Gillette Fusion ProShield Men's Razor

Gillette Fusion ProShield Men's Razor

Editor's Rating:

The Gillette Fusion Men's Razor has a great line of cartridge razors that a contemporary man can be proud to own and use.

Not only can you get a good performance out of a Gillette razor, but you can also enjoy using it for a longer period before it can need replacement. It is an elegant machine designed for a stylish man.

Take its design for example. One of the things that keep this product at the top of its competitions is its ability to give a dependable, clean shave that can stay down for a longer period. This razor is easy and cheaper to maintain over time too.

It comes with a Flexball handle that has two razor blades in the package. Gillette has put it clear that this is their most advanced razor, and I agree with them on this.

The handle is made from dark gray plastic with classy yellow highlights that perfectly complements its looks. Another thing that makes users attracted to this razor is its high-quality silver blades put innovatively into place to ensure that you get nothing but a smooth, clean shave every time.

This razor has five blades, which makes it impossible for hair to escape the cut even in just a single stroke. The blades are encased within dark gray and yellow plastic materials similar to that on the handle. 

The Flexball feature allows the head of the machine to flex and move. Its design works well to minimize chances of injury while you shave. It shields your skin from the conveniently sharp blades in the best way possible. The shield feature protects your skin from razor burn and irritation.

It provides twice the moisturizing so that shaving becomes much simpler. You can use it dry or wet, and that means you can use shaving products with it and the shave will still be as an excellent as you'd want it to be.


  • Won't tug or pull your hair even when you've used it for long
  • You can easily flip the razor blade around
  • Got precision trimmer on the backside
  • Got the slimmest and finest blades in the Gillette line
  • Has lubrication placed before and after the blades


  • Not so strong construction, which compromises on its durability

Dorco Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor

Dorco Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor

Editor's Rating:

Being a highly functioning razor brand, The Dorco Pace Six Blade Razor has won the hearts of many men out there; hairy or not.

In fact, it is highly loved among the people who are familiar with it. I can only compare it with the executive razor brands on the market today. Dorco Plus has a whooping six blades on its head.

Which means you can clear hair off your face in a single stroke in every area covered by its relatively larger head. With such cutting edge technologies incorporated into its designing, you get to cleanly shave your beard in just a minute or slightly over that. Besides, it has enough weight to make every shaving activity easy and comfortable.

A good razor just has to have some weight to it so that you don't have to apply pressure on your skin when shaving. All these great designs enhances its performance and accuracy in trimming or cutting down your hair. It is amazing how it is gentle on sensitive skin despite having six blades lined on its head. Its handle is constructed with proper and easy control by the user in mind.

I noticed that it is also easy to clean as compared to its competitions on the markets. This razor takes longer before you can have to replace anything on it. Its head also pivots rather nicely, which helps it get the chin and the neck areas of the skin pretty nicely. No matter how hidden the area might be, it shaves it with relative ease and closeness.


  • Can be used on all body parts
  • Extremely competitive price
  • Quality silver blades
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks vibration function

Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor

Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor

Editor's Rating:

This is one of the most selling cartridge razors today's, and one of Gillette's most popular products. One shave with this razor and you will keep going for more.

It is as efficient and comfortable to use as an advanced razor could be. This razor boasts progressive blade geometry designed to combat the friction and drag that the functioning of the three blades might cause.

It's amazing how you can interchange its cartridges on different variants so that you can shift to a different blade without having to purchase another razor. In terms weight, this machine is heavier that most other Gillette razors, which is why it provides higher shave quality too. Its heavy weight is an advantage since you don't have to press it too hard on your skin while you are shaving like you'd do with the lighter models.

With amazing razors like a fusion from the same line, it might be dwarfed, but It also dwarfs them with its unique features. It is cheaper and easy to clean, and no other model in this line can beat that. Fewer blades also mean less irritation.

I love the way this razor does the job effectively with maximum comfort and without risking cutting your skin. Its three blades are designed to provide you with a super smooth shave. The blades are durable, and they retain their sharpness for a longer time.


  • Heavier than other models
  • Reasonably priced
  • High-quality performance
  • Quality blades
  • Easy to maintain


  • Looses sharpness quickly

Schick Hydro 5 Razor for Men

Schick Hydro 5 Razor for Men

Editor's Rating:

Gillette might be a bigger name, but Schick is for sure the company that is giving them sleepless nights.

The Schick Hydro 5 Razor has produced some of the best razors in the cartridge category, with the Hydro 5 being the best of them all. The number 5 in its name represents the five blades on its head.

Schick's intention was to create a highly advanced cartridge razor that can provide an incredibly close shave. Of the technologies that set it apart from the big names on the market like Gillette Fusion is the Hydrating Gel Reservoir, which the feature responsible for keeping your skin well moisturized while shaving.

It packs in both vitamin E and aloe Vera, which together performs incredibly at providing hydrating properties. The effect of this feature is especially greater on a morning shave. You can be sure to get a close shave from this cartridge razor.

The razor blades are stacked up closely to each other to ensure fee a smooth and closer look. The best way to use the Hydro 5 is to use it with a post shave after shave balm, which makes it a lot easier to control the application.

Use it with a high-quality solution too, and it will leave your son feeling incredibly smooth and fresh. It has a flip trimmer that becomes available when you flip up the hydrating reservoir. You can use the flip trimmer to clean up areas along the sideburns or goatee.


  • Functions with no skin irritation or redness
  • Comes with seventeen cartridges and a handle
  • Five quality blades
  • Blades have hydrating gel reservoir
  • The blades have a guard to protect the skin


  • Lack of ball feature restricts it to be used on the face only

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor

Editor's Rating:

This razor boasts a series of great features that has revolutionized how a modern man can keep a clean look. The Mach 3 Turbo is an upgraded and all metal version of the original Mach 3.

Its cartridge features three individual blades each of which maximizes BBC the cutting down of hair.

The Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor looks as special as it performs. With just a single stroke, this machine leaves behind a clean trail. Being a better version, expect a fast and easy shave from this powerful peace of innovation.

It is one of the simplest razors to maintain and to clean after shaving. This also adds as up to its incredible durability. Think of the Mach 3 Turbo as a more advanced model that has revolutionized the way men shave.

It minimizes chances of you nicking or cutting yourself, and the safety edges around the blades ensure just that. Having just three blades means it doesn't clog easily while shaving. Besides, this machine is in every way gentle on sensitive skin, thanks to the advanced technology used in its designing and construction.


  • Easy and cheaper to maintain
  • Fast shave
  • Perfect for both wet and dry shave
  • Various innovative features
  • Good for sensitive skin


  • Not the best weight

Final Verdict

Once you have found the best razor for yourself, make sure you find out how to best use it so that you can get the best out of it. Any of these products are designed to give the best shaving experience for all skin types. Once you have determined what you require in a cartridge razor, choosing among these five products becomes easy.

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