Best Back Hair Shaver Reviews (2021 Updated)

As a man, you will grow hair in different parts of your body like your face, stomach, arms, and legs or- relax, I mean your back. Shaving is not a fun activity, but you have to do it regularly to be at your best look.

After all, when summer is approaching, you want to look great for yourself or the ladies, you know! Getting rid of the back hair isn't as easy as you think. There are different ways that you can use to eliminate the hair on your back.

You can opt to wax, but this process is damn painful. You can also decide to go for laser hair removal, but it is expensive, and you might not have the money and the time for such an activity. Alternatively, you can choose to buy the best back hair shaver to help you shave your back.

If you choose to buy a back hair shaver, I have some tips for you. You will learn more about the best back hair shaver and a buying guide to help you pick the right shaver for your needs. The following are my top five back hair shavers that you can count on.

Best Back Hair Shaver - Comparison

Mangroomer Professional Do-It-Yourself
  • Features two interchangeable attachment shaving heads
  • Designed with a quick charge battery
  • Has a long ergonomic handle
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baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus
  • Features an ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Helps you to reach even the hardest areas
  • Shave wet or dry smoothly
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Philips Norelco BG5025/49 Series 3500
  • Can be used to trim all body areas
  • Rechargeable and has a battery light
  • Extra long handle for back hair
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BRO Back Hair Shaver
  • 15 double-edge blade included
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Stainless steel and nickel bolts and nuts
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Mangroomer New Lithium Max Plus
  • Extendable ergonomic rubberized handle
  • Shock absorber multi-functional flex necks
  • 2 attachment heads
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Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Back Hair Shaver

Now that you have made up your mind on purchasing a back hair shaver, there are some essential attributes that you should check that comprise a good back shaver. Some of them include the following:


A back hair shaver should have a long handle to easy for you to remove hair without requiring any assistance. The long handle also gives you a perfect grip that contributes to closer and smooth shaves.


Shaving the back can be a challenging task because some areas are difficult to reach. A good shaver should be adjustable such that it is easy for you to reach those points without any struggle. Such a shaver will help you get the best results on the lower back, between shoulders, and the spine's end.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Some shavers require a separate cleaning, and this can be a time-consuming process. The best shaver should clean up with ease without taking too much of your time. You will find quick cleaning buttons on many buttons, and you need to press the button to clean it effectively.

Blade Effectiveness

The blade should provide you with the best performance so that you can get a clean shave. If you want a wet shave, look for the best back hair shaver with high-quality waterproofing capability.

Back Hair Shaver Reviews

The best way to tell if a shaver is hundred percent waterproof is to read the product reviews before buying, and you will get some genuine information.

Attachment Heads And Availability

The construction and the angle of the head should dictate the quality that you want. After some time, you might consider replacing the head, so it is excellent if you think about the availability of quality attachments.

Performance On Ingrown Hair

Removing ingrown hair can be a challenging task in any part of the body. The best shavers feature blades installed at an angle such that they offer neat shaves whenever they come into contact with your body. This is effective on the grown hair on the back, and the shaver doesn't have to tear your skin when shaving.

Best Back Hair Shaver Reviews

Mangroomer Professional Do-It-Yourself

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver 300x300

Editor's Rating:

Without the right shaver, you will need someone else to help you shave your back. If you are a man who wants to shave the back hair neatly without any assistance, the Mangroomer Professional Do-It-Yourself is at your service.

This is a nice shaver that is designed to help you reach all parts of your body.

The shaver has a unique patented design that will allow you to reach all your back areas with ease by yourself. Using the shaver is easy, plus it has an added power burst button that helps you shave through extra thick and coarse hair.

The shaver is designed with a shock absorber multi-functional flex neck on both of the attachment heads that follows the contours of your back effortlessly for the best blade-skin contact at any angle. It has ultra-sensitive blades that are hypoallergenic and designed from stainless steel hence giving you a soothing and non-irritating shave.

This shaver comes with a new hexagon handle design with an ergonomic rubberized grip that gives you maximum control, stability, and comfort when operating it. It also has a unique power hinge easy push button that gives you the chance to lock your shaver at any angle that you want.

What we liked

  • Designed with a quick charge battery
  • It has a long ergonomic handle
  • Features two interchangeable attachment shaving heads
  • Helps you reach all the areas of your back
  • Has a shock absorber flex neck that follows the contours

What didn't like

  • Doesn't have the power burst feature like other Mangroomer shaver
  • Doesn't have a second foil shaving head

Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus

Editor's Rating:

Most men all over the world feel uncomfortable with unwanted back hair. Women also do not tolerate men who do not shave their backs.

As compared to other body parts, shaving the back is a complicated task, especially if you do not have the right shaver.

The BaKblade 2.0 Back Hair Shaver has made shaving an effortless task. Shaving your back is now a quick, affordable, and pain-free activity.

The shaver is designed with patented blades that work well in shaving the back and body hair. It utilizes the BaKblade technology that controls the razor flexibility in a way that you get lighter and less rigid friction between your skin and the razor.

You can use the shaver either wet or dry, and it has unique patent approved safety blades that ensure you do not risk cutting yourself. After using the shaver, you will get a smooth and elegant look, confirming with a mirror.

The shaver has an ergonomic design, and it is lightweight hence promoting ease of use. It is designed with an over 4-inch wide safety blade, and you do not need any shaving cream. This shaver allows a full extendable reach so you can reach even access even harder areas. You can also get the shaver in different colors, depending on what you love.

What we liked

  • Features an ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Available in different colors
  • You can shave wet or dry
  • Gives you a smooth shave
  • Helps you to reach even the hardest areas

What didn't like

  • The blades are little expensive

Philips Norelco BG5025/49 Series 3500

Philips Norelco Series 3500

Editor's Rating:

One of the simplest ways of removing hair from the back is using a back shaver. Choosing the wrong shaver can ruin your experience, bearing in mind how hard it is to shave back hair.

For a smooth performance, it is excellent if you consider purchasing the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500.

This is an incredible shaver that you can use to trim and shave all parts of your body. This hypoallergenic foil shaver is designed with patented pearl tips that prevent skin irritation hence giving you a smooth shave. The shaver is very safe and comfortable for underarms, abs, chest, groin, and shoulders.

It also helps you shave your back conveniently because it has a back attachment that has been designed to help you achieve a convenient back grooming. Unlike other shavers that rust with time, this unit is hundred percent waterproof so you can shave and trim when in or out of the shower. After shaving, you can also rinse the shaver under the water.

The shaver uses a rechargeable battery that glows green when it is full and blinks orange when the battery is 10 minutes. After 8 hours of charge time, the battery can last for up to 50 minutes.

What we liked

  • Can be used to trim all body areas
  • Hundred percent waterproof
  • Works well in removing back hair
  • Rechargeable and has a battery light
  • The long extra handle makes it convenient to shave your back

What didn't like

  • Complaint of faulty blades

BRO Back Hair Shaver

BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver

Editor's Rating:

Do not embarrass yourself on the beach with back hair. Before you head to the beach, get the BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver and do away with all the back hair.

The shaver features a high-quality design and comes with very low-cost blades. You can easily shave without any assistance and achieve the best results.

The shaver can be used for wet or dry shaving. It comes with 15 high stainless steel double edge blades so you can get up to ten new blade changes.

You need to load the shaver with three blades, and when they get dull, you flip the sides because they are a double edge razor. The blades also cost a minimal amount when you compare to other types of blades.

Since you do not want to spend the whole day shaving your back, the shaver gives you fast shaving to complete the entire process in a few minutes. All the shaver components are designed with quality in mind to provide you with a long-lasting performance. It has a premium quality high-performance stainless steel bolts.

What we liked

  • Comes with 15 double-bladed safety razors
  • It is lightweight and maneuverable
  • Hair doesn't clog on the razor
  • Designed with stainless steel and nickel bolts and nuts
  • It is easy and fast to change the blades
  • The handle features a hole for easy hanging

What didn't like

  • Chocking up in the handle is uncomfortable
  • The package doesn't include instructions

Razorba Back Hair Shaver

Razorba Back Hair Shaver

Editor's Rating:

Many people are worried about shaving back hair think that it will grow longer, darker, or thicker. If you keep your back hair shaved, you will feel very comfortable when you are out to have fun at the beach, and the Razorba Back Hair Shaver also gives you a nice look.

Not every man loves back hair, and out is an embarrassing condition for most women.

Update: September

This product is currently unavailable, but there is a newer model that we highly recommend.

Getting rid of the unattractive back hair only requires the best hair trimmer to work well and provide you with clean shaves. The Razorba Back Hair Shaver with Disposable Razor is an excellent personal care shaver that helps you shave all the hair on your back.

Using this shaver will prevent retaining body odor and making you stinky because of the long hair. The shaver is one of the latest versions of the Razorba back hair shaver that gives you a fast shaving. You do not require any particular razor to use in the shaver.

It will work well with most standard disposable shavers with proven shaving quality. The shaver feels super comfortable and comes with Japanese stainless steel double blades and an aloe comfort strip. All these make the shaver very easy to use.

What we liked

  • It is fast and comfortable
  • It doesn't need batteries
  • Has a patented design
  • The shaver is very easy to use
  • Easy to insert and remove a razor

What didn't like

  • Complaints of cheap razor that leaves marks

Final Verdict

There are different ways in which you can use to remove hair on the back, but shaving is one of the most popular methods. With the introduction of the best electric back shavers, shaving the back has now become a straightforward activity.

For the best performance and the neatest shaves, consider any of the hair shavers above as a great pick, and they deliver the best performance. I have only reviewed the best selling back hair shavers that you can depend on for quality shaves.

The shavers can reach even the hardest areas without tearing your skin or adding burns and irritation on your skin. Make sure you go through our buying guide and the reviews to pick the best product.