Best Disposable Razor Reviews & Buying Guide (Updated 2020)

Shaving started back in the Bronze Age, and currently, the technology behind razors has greatly advanced. There are so many varieties of razors on the market, and each of them provides a unique shaving experience.

Do you wonder why disposable razors are known to almost every man yet they are very expensive? The fact that the disposable blades cannot be sharpened or replaced makes you buy them over and over again.

The Disposable razors are common because they provide a wide range of benefits and one of them being their availability. If you walk in any grocery or pharmacy, you have high chances of getting the best disposable razors.

The razors are designed with lubricated strips that are made from vitamin E and Aloe Vera that provides a smooth shaving experience. The razors also feature a pivoting head that moves well along the contours of your shape.

Despite disposable being expensive, many people find them easy to use as compared to the safety razors. With all those benefits, I can help you pick a perfect disposable razor that will provide you with an ultimate shave regardless of your shaving preferences. Read through these reviews of our top quality disposables as well as the comprehensive buying guide that will help you pick the right razor.

Best Disposable Razor for Men - Comparison

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Disposable Razor

If you find shaving with a safety razor quite a task, looking for a disposable razor can be a great thing. This guide helps you know some of the main things that you should check when buying a disposable razor that will offer an incredible shaving experience.

Number Of Blades

Before you buy a disposable razor, you need to find out the number of blades that are included in the razor. Back then, many razors used to come with a one-sided blade but these things everything has changed, and you should opt for one that is designed with many blades. The more the number of blades in a razor, the closer and smoother shaves you will get.

Lubrication Strip

This is one the best features that set aside disposable blades from the non-disposable models. When you are using the best disposable razor, you don't necessarily need to use a shaving cream. They are designed with lubrication strips which eliminate the need for having cream, so this prevents skin irritation when you are shaving. They also come with additives like vitamin E and Aloe Vera which are so important to the skin.

Pivoting Head

Few disposable razors are designed with curvy and attractive heads and other models and designed with pivoting heads. Look for a razor with a pivoting head so that it will adopt well to the curve and the contours of your skin hence giving you the best outcome.

Disposable Razor Reviews

Number Of Disposable Pack

Once you are sure that the razor you are buying is of quality, the next thing that you should check is the number of disposables per pack so that you can get a superb value for your money. This means that you should confirm the number of disposable heads of the razors that are included in the pack.

If you are a budget conscious buyer, you can also compare the price of an individual razor to that you do not end up paying way high buying them in a pack as compared to buying individual razors.

Comfortable Shave

Shaving should not always be bloody or cause skin irritation. When you are buying disposable razors, always consider razors that have positive reviews regarding comfortable shaving. The razor should shave effectively without causing any skin irritation.

Grippy Handle

The handle is also another great aspect that you should check when you are buying disposables. You need a razor that is sliding perfectly on your face when you are shaving. The best disposable razor for men have thick and textured handles that provide you with a secure grip and control when you are shaving.

Best Disposable Razor Reviews

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men's Razor

Editor's Rating:

When it comes to shaving razors, Gillette has got you covered. There are so many razors available from the brand designed to help you achieve very smooth shaves.

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men's Razor is one of their best-selling disposable razors that boasts of Flexball technology that responds to contours to get to every hair.

Gillette offers you with the thinnest and finest blades that provide less tug and pulls. It is compatible across all Fusion5 power razors that fit all the Fusion5 blades. This razor is also designed with a precision trimmer on the back that works incredibly well to reach hard to reach areas such as the nose and the sideburns.

With this razor, you can subscribe so that you will never run out of Gillette's products. When you subscribe, you can get them delivered to your door. You can also enhance your performance by using the ProGlide 2-in-1 gel and skin care for the best experience.


  • Has 5 precision blades for comfort
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Features a precision trimmer on the back for accurate edging
  • Responds well to contours for the best shave
  • Has an enhanced lubra strip
  • Compatible with all fusion 5 blades


  • Blade looses sharpness after several shaves
  • The razors are way expensive

Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor

Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor

Editor's Rating:

If you are a man, shaving is inevitable. You should spend your money purchasing a quality razor that will not cause irritation on your skin or bring about bloody shaves.

Get the Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor, and I believe you will love shaving with this disposable razor.

I have used it so I can recommend it to a friend in need of a quality shaving razor. Since I started using the razor, I'm lucky that I no longer have to deal with ingrown hair. The razor has three blades that are positioned progressively to extend gradually close.

For every single stoke that you take, it takes three and this is beneficial because there will be less irritation. The blades of the razor are coated with a patented diamond-like coating that makes them sharp, strong and cut close.

It also features an open architecture system that makes it very easy to rinse the blades after every shave. The razor also has lubra strip that provides a smooth glide. You will also enjoy using this razor because of its soft and protective micro fins that gently smooth down your skin to bring about even and effortless shaves.

The razor is designed with a nice ergonomic design that promotes comfort. With its precision balanced handle, you can always get a perfect grip and control.


  • Clinically proven for sensitive skin
  • The pivoting head navigates the contours of your face for comfortable rides
  • Very easy to rinse the blades because of the open architecture
  • Lubrastrip provides smooth rides
  • The blades are sharp and strong
  • Precision handle provides comfort


  • Complaints on its quality
  • Complaints of bloody shaves

Dorco Pace 6 Pro - Six Blade Razor

Dorco Pace 6 Pro- Six Blade Razor

Editor's Rating:

Purchasing better quality shaving razors not only provide you with better shaves but also give you excellent value for your money.

Dorco is one of the most recognized brands that has been rated the top provider of technologically advanced and superior shaving systems and other accessories.

You can enhance your shaving experience by purchasing the Dorco Pace 6 Pro Razor which is a six blade razor providing a true one stoke shaving solution.

The razor is designed with an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip and makes wet shaving the best. Apart from shaving, you will also benefit a lot when you are using the razor. Its lubricating strip has aloe, Vitamin E, and Lavender oil.

The Lavender extract rejuvenates collagen hence giving you a youthful skin. The Aloe Vera is perfect for moisturizing and soothing your skin, and Vitamin E provides anti-aging and oxidant benefits.

The shaver has a tilting head that increases head precision and helps you shave at any angle of your body. It also has large and soft rubber fins for effective skin preparation and protection. When using this razor, you will not experience nicks, cuts and uncomfortable types of skin irritation.


  • The blades stay clean and do not corrode
  • Its tilting head boosts shaving precision at any angle
  • Designed with large soft rubber fins that protect the skin
  • Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender moisturize and sooth your skin
  • You can customize your shaving by interchanging the cartridge and the handle


  • Complaints of blade being too close and clogging

Gillette Sensor2 Plus Pivot Razor

Gillette Sensor2 Plus Pivot Men's Razor

Editor's Rating:

Looking for a perfect razor that shaves smoothly and doesn't cause skin irritation can be difficult.

But when you hear of Gillette razors, you should always think of quality. I have used quite some Gillette razors, and I have no complaint so far.

The Gillette Sensor2 Plus Pivot Disposable Razor is an amazing disposable razor for those people who want to get the perfect shaves all the time. It features twin Gillette comfort blades that provide excellent performance on your skin.

For effective shaving and control, the razor has a soft grip handle that allows you to get the best shaving performance. The head also pivots helping you shave at different angles even hard to reach areas.

You will also love the long-lasting blades that are designed to help you shave with ease. The blades have a chromium coating which promotes their durability. This is the best razor a man can get to maintain their great look because of its shaving performance in unquestionable. Just give it a try today.


  • Designed with a pivoting head for easy shaving
  • The soft ultra-grip handle provides great control
  • Has lubra strip with lubricating power
  • Designed with twin Gillette blades
  • Perfect for shaving your skin


  • Hairs get easily caught between the blades
  • Cuts skin when shaving

BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor

BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor

Editor's Rating:

Do you want to own the best disposable razor that will help you achieve ultra-close shaves when you are on the go?

The BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor is an amazing disposable razor that helps you deal with your growing beards effectively.

The razor gives you a better shave, and it is the only 5-blade disposable razor with designed with a balancing sphere that adds weight to the head of the razor and pivots up to 40 degrees for a better shave control.

This razor helps you reach all the tricky spots because it has a precision edging blade, so you will not miss any hard to reach area. It will be very easy for you to trim the sideburns, facial hair or reach areas like under the nose hair.

The razor is also designed to provide you with an ultra-close shave, thanks to its 5-flexible blades. The blades adjust individually to the contours of your skin hence providing the best ultra-close shave.


  • Easy to reach spots like under the nose
  • Easy to trim sideburns and facial hair
  • The flexible blades provide you with ultra-close shave
  • The head pivots to 40 degrees proving a better shave control
  • Features a balancing sphere that adds weight to bring about a better shave control
  • Comes with 5 flexible blades


  • The razors dull quickly

Final Verdict

Shaving beard for men is a practice that started quite a long time ago. Before the invention of shaving razors, men used to shave their beards with using sharp rocks. Today there are a wide range of shaving systems that have been developed which make it easy for a man to shave and maintain their face looking great.

Disposable shaving razors are designed to help you achieve an extra smooth face. These types of razors are disposed of because they cannot be sharpened or replaced in any way.

The razors I have covered above are the top, and they provide the highest level of shaving comfort. The best time to have a shave is after taking a shower when your skin is clean, elastic and your pores are open. Get any of these disposable razors I have covered here, and you will keep your skin smooth in the best way possible.

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