Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7100 Review

Philips Norelco made a multi groomer kit for the men beard shaving with the turbo power grooming kit with its maximum versatility and made an exact style which a men desire.

Multi groomer has its eight tools in which all in one head to toe styling included with all metal guard trimmer included. It also included the body groom shaver body trimming comb with some hair clipping comb. With the trimmer stubble; comb beard comb nose trimmer also available.

The self-sharpening edges made of excellently ground Chromium steel safeguard long-lasting presentation while skin-friendly curved edge tips and searches stop skin annoyance. The turbo improvement feature makes for profligate results, even on denser hair.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7100 is head to toe styling grooming tools that is intended to slim unappealing nose and ear hair as well as groom the beard and body hair to keep you looking sharp.

Multiple Accessories

Eight different accessories give you the self-determination to create different styles from head to toe, while turbo influence helps you trim finished thick hair­ consistently and mildly.

Use the occupied size metallic slimmer without a comb to comprehensive your style and get clean, high-pitched lines everywhere the boundaries of your beard.

Trim your beard to exactly the distance you want, by fastening in the location that ensembles your anticipated look. The stubble comb offers 18 distance locations from 1mm to 18mm, with exactly 1mm among each site.


Intended to cut each hair flawlessly, stopping skin frustration successfully. The turbo improvement feature makes for fast consequences, even on denser hair. Its battery stopovers charged for up to 60 minutes of decoration after a 1-hour responsibility.

The 18 built-in length locations give you all you need to generate any head or facemask style you want. The turbo improvement feature makes for fast consequences, even on heavier hair.  This device is intended to work So that you can use it safely and securely in the bath.

Multiple Styling With The Help of Trimmer

The Body groom razor aimed for a gentle and contented shave on any are underneath the neck. Keep your trim in style, or create a new one, by pruning to different lengths The Body groom razor designed for a gentle and relaxed shave on any area underneath the neck.

Multi-groomer that will appreciate all your body fashioning wants yet it can obtain at a reasonable cost. The Philips Norelco Multi Groom 7100 is a turbo-controlled preparing tool that gives most dangerous suppleness to the particular style you essential.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7100

Full of Safety

The device is completely washable, fundamentally wash device under fitting for simple housework. The Philips Norelco Multi Groom 7100 unit go with a 45-day risk-free experimental and a complete 2-year assurance.

This multi groomer has eight tools for head-to-toe shaping, including a full-size metal guard shapelier, groom body razor included. The self-sharpening edges made of finely crushed steel safeguard long-lasting presentation, while skin-friendly round blade tips and searches stop skin frustration.

Trim, Long Hairs

With the help of trimmer, you can clean your long and thick hair without any pain. No oiling is necessary. You can clean it possession it underneath the knock, as it is entirely water impervious. It is a garbled section for men who have to contract with an excellent grade of subtle skin categories.

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  • You can quickly remove your nose hairs and other body parts hairs without any pain.
  • This multi-groomer moreover go together with essential decoration accessories and this assurance that one can have the volume to style and prep his hair from head to toes.
  • . It is obtainable on Amazon site within the very sensible price.
  • Performing multiple functions and use for different styling.


  • It is useable more than two years.
  • I have used suitable razor oil to combat the noise, but no such luck.
  • The body adornment comb with ten length settings keeps your body hair observing clean and clipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: is this a durable item

A: yes it is permanent item

Q: is its battery charge after single shave

A: No if you charge it for 24 hours then you can use it for many shaves.

Q: Is it performs multiple functions

A: yes it performs various functions

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, we added that the body groom razor assembly includes hypoallergenic frustrate and familiar tips, which protected your skin when shred.

Philips Norelco Multi Groom 7100 Preparing Kit is a great superiority trimmer that is turbo-powered and this resources that it provides supreme cutting power in instruction for one to accomplish any requirements.

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