Braun Mobile Shaver M60 vs M90 Comparison: Which is the best Travel/Pocket shaver?

We here compare the Braun mobile shaver M60 vs. M90 with individual reviews and comparison charts. Let’s find out which is the best travel or pocket electric shaver to take with you when traveling.

What to look for in an electric travel razor?

A standard travel razor has several features. Here’s a quick look at what to look for when buying a home.

The Braun M60b and M90 are two of the best-selling travel shavers.

Travel lock and protective cap: This is very self-explanatory and very important, in my opinion. An electric razor suitable for travel must be fitted with a locking mechanism not to turn on accidentally. Also, shaving heads, especially in foil shavers, are susceptible to mechanical shocks, so a protective cap is essential when traveling.

Replaceable Battery or USB Charging: I think that regular batteries are a good solution for travel razors. These batteries are cheap and readily available. Moreover, it eliminates the need for a charger because it is an additional item that can be carried. Not to mention that you can easily forget about it and leave it at home. Or in your hotel room.

Should you use a Travel Electric Razor?

Well, it depends.

Some people can walk away using a travel razor as their primary daily shaver, and others can’t even stand using one for a few days while traveling.

Travel razors use less power and usually have a single cutting component (in the case of foil shavers) or two shaving heads (rotary shavers), so it takes longer to complete the shave.

If you want a close, comfortable and quick shave or you have thick facial hair, choose a more capable, regular electric razor. The same goes for men who don’t want to shave every day because travel razors are unsuitable for long hair.

Braun M60 vs M90 Comparison

Braun Mobile Shaver M60Braun Mobile Shaver M90
Braun Mobile Shaver M60bBraun Mobile Shaver M90
Wide Floating FoilWide Floating Foil
Washable Shaver under running waterWashable Shaver under running water
Twist cap protects the foil when not in useTwist cap protects the foil when not in use
Two AA batteries includedTwo AA batteries included
Small removable cleaning brush includedSmall removable cleaning brush included
No charging/cleaning stationNo charging/cleaning station
Stainless steel foil bladesStainless steel foil blades
Running time upto 60 minutesRunning time upto 60 minutes
Average battery life 60 minutesAverage battery life 120 minutes
No precision trimmerPrecision trimmer for long hair
Color: BlueColor: Silver

Braun Mobile Shaver M60b

Braun M60b Mobile Electric Shaver

Braun M60B MobileShave Shaver

The Braun M60b pocket shaver is an extremely affordable portable shaver for when money is tight, or you need a second shaver for travel or gym.

What’s in the Box?

Since a basic level shaver, there is no attachment in the package. After unpacking the intake package, you will see-

  • The M60b Mobile Shaver itself
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • A small cleaning brush
  • User Manual Book

The Braun Mobile Shaver M60b is the go mobile version of the Braun Series 7 shavers. It has a 2 AA battery structure, making it easy to charge on airplanes and other areas where charging from a wall outlet is problematic.

If you’re looking for a cheap portable razor, this might be an option for you. While first introduced in 2012, the M60b still stands as a beautiful budget razor for men.

Braun’s “new and improved” shavers are just improvements on an old design. The Braun Mobile Shaver M50 was released way back in 2005 and has remained pretty much the same in that time.

The Braun Mobile shaver M60 was introduced in 2012 and is a very stripped-down, barebones shaver. This razor gives you the option to replace its batteries if need be but doesn’t come with any additional features (i.e., cleaning/charging station).

The heart of the Braun M60b is its battery life. If you choose to use the M60 with just 2 AA batteries, you’ll be able to get up to 60 minutes of shaving time with two new batteries. And you can use rechargeable batteries.

While Braun claims that a single AA battery will get you up to 30 shaves, I found this to be about half the truth. A single AA battery only gets me around 10-20 shaves on a full charge (and that’s shaving every day of the week).

The M60b is one of the Braun Mobile shavers that can be used in the shower. The foil on this razor is waterproof, which means you can rinse off any hair without damaging the device or yourself (don’t try this with other models).

One more upside of using this model is that the extra wide and thin ultra flexible foil adjusts to the contours of your face, so you’ll get a very close and comfortable shave every time.

The shavers come with a twist cap that protects the foil when not in use, so don’t worry about keeping it in your bag for a business trip.

Make sure to check these before buying this product:

  • There is no display to indicate the battery life
  • Buying batteries are an extra cost
  • People with long hair won’t get so much close shave

Braun M60B Mobile Shaver FAQs

Does the Braun M60 come with a built-in brush for cleaning?

The M60 has a small brush hidden in the bottom. It is tiny, but you can use it. Or use your old brush, or a small paint pincel, that helps a lot, with no loss of efficiency of the shaver.

Does this razor come with batteries included?

Yes, most customers reported it comes with batteries. Though the product description says “2 AA batteries required,”.

Can I buy replacement parts such as foil blades for the Braun M60 mobile shaver?

Not sure if replacement foil is available for this particular shaver. You can search for “Braun shaver replacement parts” on our website for the best references.

Braun Mobile Shaver M90

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Braun M90 Mobile Electric Shaver

The Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is an affordable solution when you don’t have much money to spend but still want to get a good clean shave when traveling.

What’s in the Box?

Since a basic level shaver, there is no fancy attachment in the package. After unpacking the intake package, you will see-

  • The M90 Mobile Shaver itself
  • 2 AA Replaceable Batteries
  • A small cleaning brush
  • User Manual Book

The Braun Mobile Shaver M90 for men is a cost-effective travel shaver that will help ensure you always look and feel your best. It features innovative technology to catch every hair, even those growing in different directions, ensuring you get an excellent clean shave with every use.

If one of your daily grooming routine goals is to look good with as little effort as possible, the Braun Mobile Shaver M90 is designed to help you achieve this. The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in your hand and makes maneuvering the shaver around your face easier. Whether you’re shaving in a mirror or using it for touch-ups on the go, you’ll find this shaver easy to use.

The Braun Mobile Shaver M90 features a triple-action cutting system that cuts approximately 20% more hair with each stroke than traditional single-pass systems. The three heads feature two specialized cutters that shave long hairs and one super thin cutter for getting rid of the shortest stubble you don’t want around your mustache or goatee area.

What’s unique about this shaver is that the thin trimmer cuts hairs as short as 1.5 millimeters, so you’re well-prepared for a five o’clock shadow, especially when it comes to your mustache or goatee area.

The Braun Mobile Shaver M90 features an OptiFoil system that makes it easy to get a clean shave. The foil gets close to your skin, catching all hairs for cutting without causing any nicks or redness.

To give you the smoothest possible shave with every use of this shaver, it features SkinGuard Technology. This technology covers more sensitive areas of your face, such as under the nose and around the mouth.

The Braun Mobile Shaver M90’s ergonomic design makes it easy to use this shaver regularly, but if you’re looking for convenience, you’ll also appreciate its Aquatec seal. It allows you to use this shaver in or out of the shower so that you can shave before work or first thing in the morning.

What is unique for this travel shaver is the precision trimmer. The Braun Mobile Shaver M90 features a slide-out long hair precision trimmer, easy for longer hair, so you can keep mustache and sideburns in good shape – wherever you are.

Make sure to check these before buying this product:

  • There is no display to indicate the battery life
  • Buying batteries are an extra cost
  • People with thick & long hair won’t get so much close shave

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver FAQs

How long do the batteries last for Braun M90 Mobile Shaver?

The product description says it lasts 120 minutes maximum. A fresh battery has an initial voltage of around 1.5V, but this drops to 1V or less with use. Electric motors rev faster at a higher voltage. So you might have a faster shave initially with fresh batteries, but it might take more time as the batteries get old. And also, you may not get as smooth a shave as the first use.

Is the side-trimmer selectable or always on?

Selectable. Trimmer is activated when pushed out of its slot on the backside of the shaver.

Can I use the Braun M90 travel shaver in the shower?

This is a wet/dry shaver. You can use it in the shower – no issues at all.

Can I use rechargeable AA batteries in the Braun M90 shaver?

Yes, you can. But there is no charging option in the shaver. Therefore you have to recharge the batteries with a separate charging device.


The Braun M90 comes with a built-in precision trimmer that the M60B doesn’t have. Another difference is the color scheme. The other mechanism and build quality are identical. If you want to use any shaver inside or outside at home, the Braun M90 & M60 mobile electric shavers are good. However, even though Braun mobile shaver M60 vs. M90 offers more features that might come in handy, M60b is much more preferred for some people because of its low price. People usually carry a mobile shaver for specific situations. The basic requirements are even fulfilled by Braun shaver M60b.

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