How to Use an Electric Shaver (2021 Guide)

Using an electric saver is more efficient, low time consuming, and skin friendly rather than an ordinary hand drove shaver. People used to shave their face and body by hand driven shaver which was horrible because of taken long time as well as it affected the skin. All we know that electric shaver has many financial and health benefits but the most important thing to use it properly.

Due to some electric configuration and latest features, it is little difficult to use an electric shaver. Whether you are planning to purchase an electric shaver, it might require some previous experience, idea or some guidelines. To keep your worries free.

I am going to share some guidelines that might help you to use an electric shaver.

Choose Perfect Shaver

Before starting to shave with an electric shaver, you have to choose a perfect one. All we know that different people have different skin quality and smoothness. However, you should test your skin and get suggestions from experts that which shaver would best with what blades quality.

Wash Your Skin

Some people get very sensitive skin, and oily skin and some people have skin with very strong hair which is difficult to buy blades. However, you should wash your skin very well to remove oil as well as make the skin soft.

Wash Your Skin

There is another reason to wash skin before shave that if you use an electric shaver without washing before that will be harmful skin because the face is the most sensitive place in human body.

Adjust Your Hair

Electric shaver has much different than an ordinary shaver because the blades are already adjusted with shaver body. However, your hair should be adjustable by the shaver. Usually, it takes around two weeks to get the touchable size of hair by the shaver. Unless getting perfect and adjustable size your electric shaver will fail to offer proper hair cutting performance.

Use Some Alcoholic Pre-Shaver

Saving without any softer is difficult, risky even not healthy. However, you should use some alcoholic pre shave on your skin that will make the skin soft and smooth. It would be easier to move the shaver on soft skins as well as it would save you skin from the risk of an unexpected accident.

Another remarkable benefit of the pre-shave that it works like anticipating which keep your skin free from virus and bacteria even it works whenever you face any skin cut.

Change The Blades

After shaving few times, the electric shaver blades lose the ability to offer proper shaving experience. All we know that sharp fewer blades are very harmful to skin and health even it would affect to your eyes.


However, you should change the electric shaver blades after few times shave. Most often you have to change the blades while you have different size of hair because the type of and size of blades depends on the size of hairs.

The benefits and performance of electric shaver mostly depend on the right use of the shaver. Before selecting an electric shaver, you should have previous experience or guide that show the way to use an electric shaver.