How To Trim Long Hair? (2021 Guide by Trimmereo)

Although scissors are more usual for trimming long hair, it is also possible to create long hairstyles using body hair trimmers or clippers. Although clippers are more traditionally associated with short, practical hairstyles, they are surprisingly versatile and can save you a lot of money over going to a hairdresser. Here are some handy hints about how to trim long hair using a trimmer.

Trimming Long Hair Step By Step

Choosing an attachment

The first step in trimming long hair with clippers is to choose the right attachment. The majority of good hair clippers come with a variety of attachments, so you need to select the longest one. This will rest against your head and ensure that not only will all your hair come out the same length, but it will also not be cut too short.

Wash your hair

Before trimming your hair, you should wash and shampoo your hair, allowing it to dry naturally or by using a towel.

Protect your clothing

Trimming hair can be messy, so take the time to protect your clothing by wrapping a towel over your shoulders and neck. This will not only keep your clothing hair-free, but it will also prevent excess hair from falling onto the floor where it can be challenging to clean up. All the cut hair should fall onto the towel, making it simple to empty it into the trash.

Choose a length

Comb through your hair and decide on a length that you prefer. Take a long strand of hair between your first two fingers running them down the strand until you have reached the length that you desire. Once you have made a decision, take a pair of hairdressing scissors and snip the hair in that spot. The size of the strand is not essential – it need not be huge, but it should be big enough for you to use it as a guideline for the rest of your hair length.

Cutting with the trimmers

Once you have made a guideline strand of hair, you can use the trimmers to cut the rest of your hair to the same length. You can do this by dividing your hair into long sections and then, making it one part at a time, pull a length towards you and cut it at the same length as your guideline strand with the trimmers. This will trim off the ends leaving a precise line. You can repeat this around your entire head to achieve a straight blunt cut.

Combing out and finishing off

After you have cut hair to the same length, you should run a comb through the entire length of your hair to ensure that any loose strands have been combed out. Check your hair from the front and rear to ensure that there are no stray ends or uncut lengths, trimming any that you find to an extent using either the trimmers or a pair of hairdressing scissors. Finally, make sure to clean your trimmer blades thoroughly using a brush or a cotton swab, ensuring all loose hair is removed.